Iraqi embassador to Beirut meets Lebanese foreign minister

10th October, 2017 3:01 AM | Written by |



The Ambassador of the republic of Iraq to Beirut Dr. Ali Abbas Al-Amiri met his excellency Lebanese foreign minister Mr. Jubean Baseel at the ministry's headquarter to discuss means to develop bilateral relations between both countries and the referendum in Kurdistan.

His excellency the ambassador confirmed that the referendum is unconstitutional and had been conducted by one side and the international community and all globe's countries support the stance of rejection of the Iraqi government to referendum and its results.

 From his side, the Lebanese minister confirmed his country commitment to Iraqi territories unity and its opposition to all kinds of division and the unilateral procedures taken in this regard.

Both sides have discussed the Lebanese community in Kurdistan and to facilitate their way back to Lebanon through Baghdad. Dr. Ali clarified that the Iraqi embassy is ready to consider the Lebanese visa requests to Iraq and to be granted in a record time.

 Mr. Amiri and Mr. Jibran discussed the importance of increasing trade exchange and developing economic relations between both countries and the necessity of opening the ground road connects Iraq with Lebanon to facilitate and increase trade exchange