Iraqi permanent representative presents the opening statement for the social forum of human rights council

12th October, 2017 3:50 AM | Written by |



The permanent representative of the republic of Iraq, deputy head of human rights council ambassador Muaed Al-Salihi presented the opening statement of the social forum of the 26th session of human rights council.

The ambassador said in the statement, the forum is important in the human rights council's schedule because it combines the states with the Academics and the civil society, pointing out that the human tights resolution numbered 27/32 will be discussed in the forum in addition to discuss protecting and enhancing human rights regarding human immunodeficiency virus and other infectious and epidemic diseases.

The high commissioner of human rights Mr. Zaid Raad Al-Hussein, the general director of world health organization Dr. Tidruz Adanum, the executive director of human rights program concerns human immunodeficiency virus Mr. Michel Seidbi and the general director of world trade organization Mr. Roberto Azfedo participated in the forum