Jordanian parliament speaker visit Iraqi embassy in jordan

12th October, 2017 1:07 PM | Written by |



Jordanian parliament speaker Mr. Atif Al-Tarawna visits Iraqi Embassy in Jordan to present condolences for the death of former Iraqi president Jalal Al-Talabani.

Mr. Altarawna presented his condolences on behalf of the Jordanian parliament members, praising the late president Jalal Talabani and described him as a brave Iraqi person who seeks Iraq's unity.

From her side, Ambassador Safia Al-Suhail thanked the Jordanian parliament speaker for his visit and presenting the condolences, as she presented her appreciation to his highness King Abdullah AL-Thani to delegate his Excellency Marouf Al-Bukheet to represent him in the ceremony of burying president Jalal Talbani and presented the condolences to president Fouad Masoum and to the Iraqi government.