MOFA condemns the terroristic attacks against Iraqi consulate in Manchester and request all states to protect the Iraqi missions .

18th October, 2017 12:27 AM | Written by |

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its  condemn of the terroristic activities carried out by an outlaws group that targeted the Iraqi Consulate building in Manchester with Molotov cocktails and confirms its strong rejection of these illegal acts and confirms the bankruptcy of the advocates of secession and division and that they can't get the sovereignty and unity of Iraq.


It calls on the British authorities to hold lawbreakers, rioters and terrorists to account urgently and to tighten security around the consulate building and the embassy to prevent the recurrence of such acts in the future.


The Ministry also requests all the host countries of our missions to tighten their protection for Iraqi citizens, embassies and consulates in order to block any potential terrorist.