Chargés d'affaires ad interim meets Vatican Foreign minister

24th October, 2017 4:10 AM | Written by |


The Iraqi Chargés d'affaires ad interim in Vatican Mr. Anas Mahmoud Shakir met secretary of state of relations (minister of foreign affairs of Vatican) bishop Paul Ritchard Galagher at the Vatican foreign ministry headquarters.

The Chargés d'affaires ad interim reviewed the recent victories achieved by the security forces with all its apparatus against the terrorist gangs of Daesh in Hawija and Anbar, pointing that Iraq has gotten a support from the international society that have never been achieved since the establishment of the modern state of Iraq, with favor to the sacrifices of its people in the war against terror.

Mr. Anas Mahmoud Shakir confirmed that the federal forces imposed the law after conducting the institutional referendum in the Iraqi Kurdish region, this plan that aims to preserve security, safety and unity of Iraq and to control airports and border crossing sites was widely supported from inside and outside Iraq, clarifying that the Kurds are genuine partners in the government and possess sovereign and senior position.

From his side, the secretary state of relations that the Holy See agrees with the international society in refusing the referendum carried out by Kurdistan and the endeavors of independency, and support Iraq's unity and sovereignty.