Iraqi ambassador to Manama meets crown prince of Bahrain kingdom

25th October, 2017 3:15 AM | Written by |



The ambassador of the republic of Iraq to Manama Dr. Ahmed Naif Al-Dulaimi met the crown prince of the Bahraini kingdom deputy supreme leader the first deputy prime minister of Bahrain Prince Salman Bin Hamad AL-Khalifa.

The ambassador started the meeting reviewing the achieved victories by the Iraqi forces against terror which is a victory for the entire region, and emphasizing on enhancing relations between both brotherly states, clarifying that the government's rejection to the referendum is constitutional and its task to preserve Iraq's unity and sovereignty.

His excellency confirmed that the Iraqi government didn't impose a siege on Kurdistan as some Kurdish official claimed. The three Kurdish provinces receive 17% of the budget as listed in the constitution.

From his side, the Bahraini crown prince stressed on his country's supportive stance to the Iraqi unity and sovereignty and his efforts in the war against terror.