FM: Russia deals with the Federal government and opposite the Separation of Kurdistan Region

26th October, 2017 3:55 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari said that Iraq today expresses in its movement the components of the Iraqi people as a whole and there are no social differences or conflicting military forces.

In his remarks following the meeting of the Iraqi-Russian Joint committee  in Moscow, all the Iraqi national powers  are moving towards building the country as it achieved the security of Iraq and achieved a joint victory. After Iraq ended the issue of getting rid of the terrorist strongholds and the decisive confrontation, Iraq  pours all its attention on reconstruction.

He added that the atmosphere of meetings was a state of harmony and openness to various files including economic, security, education, and all sectors, indicating that Iraq is ready to step towards expanding the areas of constructive cooperation in various fields.

Dr. Al- Jaafari pointed out that Iraq needs to achieve a qualitative difference in the field of investment, because it was delayed a few years because of its preoccupation with the fight against terrorism, especially as the countries of the world wish to invest in Iraq because it has economic power.

And on the attitude of the Russian Federation of the unconstitutional referendum conducted by one of the Kurdish parties in Kurdistan region of Iraq, stressed: Russia deals with the federal government in Baghdad, and respects the Iraqi constitution and not with the separation.