FM receives the Indian state minister for foreign affairs.

29th October, 2017 9:52 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received Indian state minister for foreign affairs Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh and the accompanying delegation at his office in Baghdad on 29 October 2017.

During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between both countries and means to strengthening them to serve the interests of both friendly people, in addition to the Indian workers ho have been kidnapped by Da'esh terroristic gangs after controlling Badosh prison in Al-Mosul on 2017, and the efforts of the Iraqi government to get all information about them.

The minister said: "We appreciate your concern about the fate of the abductees and make every effort to get information about their fate in Iraq. There is coordination among ministries and all government institutions. We must cooperate and make more efforts to eliminate terrorism and prevent its spread, And committed crimes against people without discrimination between religion, sect, nationality, continent or city.


His Excellency pointed out that Iraq's experience in the war against the Da'esh terroristic  gangs is a pioneer and that the world should benefit from it. The world will continue to suffer from terrorism, murder and bombing unless all cooperate to find peace, security and love.


Dr.  Al-Jaafari said: "We have many opportunities to push forward the bilateral relations between Iraq and India through the rapid convening of the joint committee meeting in New Delhi in the coming period and the signing of agreements between both countries, which will enhance work in all fields.


Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed "We hope to increase the number of scholarships for Iraqi students in India, increase the reception of Iraqi patients in Indian hospitals, and make more efforts to increase the volume of investments between the two countries by opening an Indian consulate in Basra.


Indian Minister of State for foreign  Affairs Vijay Kumar Singh expressed his thanks for the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all government agencies to assist India in the search for kidnapped Indians in Iraq.


He stressed that India and Iraq are suffering from terrorist attacks and seek to strengthen security and intelligence cooperation to eliminate terrorism and support social and cultural programs. Which would combat extremism.


He expressed his country's readiness to increase the number of scholarships for Iraqi students, to receive the wounded and those injured in the war on terrorism, and to cooperate to open an Indian consulate in Basra.