FM receives a group of the foreign experts in the field of countering terrorism.

30th October, 2017 11:47 PM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received a number of foreign experts in the field of combating terrorism to review counter-terrorism efforts in the region and confront terrorist organizations through an integrated approach that includes countering terrorism and addressing the intellectual dimensions related to the phenomenon of terrorism.


"The war against terrorism today is a global war that targets all humanity and every aspect of life," said the minister. "A supportive philosophy is based on spreading terror to spread terror. It kills, tortures, maims and destroys cities." Iraq is not the largest country in the world, The world is diverse and the components of the Iraqi people co-exist with each other. Despite the attempts of gangs, the terrorist called for the division of the Iraqi class, but it failed and the people remained united, resisted and won.


He added that the religious authority played an important and honorable role in preserving the unity of Iraq, and was recently embodied in the fatwa of Jihad Ka'afi after the entry of terrorist gangs into Iraqi cities. He pointed out that the popular mobilization is a humanitarian phenomenon that came to protect civilians and liberate lands from the grip of a terrorist. Iraqi deputies, and works within the framework of the armed forces.


He stressed that the countries of the world met for the first time and supported Iraq in its war against terrorist gangs, as did not happen with any other country before, indicating that Iraq has developed a road map since September 2014, and put it in the Security Council, Calling on the terrorist and friendly countries outside the international coalition included Iraq's security and intelligence support and provide air cover for Iraqi forces, as well as providing humanitarian supplies to displaced families and contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraqi cities after the elimination of terrorism.


He pointed out that Iraq's experience is a pioneer in the war against terrorism, because the objective of the Iraqi forces in all its ranks was to protect civilians before liberating the land from the grip of a dhash, which cost more sacrifices and more blood. He added that Iraq's foreign policy and philosophy based on activating common interests, And the lack of engagement in the policy of axes strengthened Iraq's status in international forums and became an important factor in establishing security and stability in the region.


Dr. Al-Jaafari said that Iraq is turning the war against terrorism, opening the page of reconstruction and building and looking forward to the continued support of its friendly countries. The media has a great responsibility in transmitting the facts and documenting the crimes committed by terrorism and adopting research and studies that will spread a culture of cooperation and love between nations and peoples. To prevent the spread of violence and terrorism.