A statement on the circumstances of transferring a number of MOFA staff to other ministries and institutions

1st November, 2017 5:14 AM | Written by |

Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains details of the decision issued by the Higher Committee formed by the Prime Minister, which decided to transfer a number of employees from the Ministry to other government institutions, as some political parties and sites and news channels to talk about this procedure without knowledge of what and reality, The committee decided after the verification, research and investigation of the non-validity of the continuation of these staff in their mission in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after reviewing the files of all ministry employees without exception, and since the external sensitive government institution must include its staff for verification and review Periodically, as it included all Iraqi ministries in previous periods of such scrutiny, but the foreign ministry  was away from that in those periods it has been far coverage of this procedure after the formation of an ad hoc committee by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.


The ministry confirms that it is not affected by political or sectarian or reform in any way, and on the accusations and allegations made by some of the Ministry shows that it will sue all those who abuse her through the political recruitment or party or personal reform of this administrative procedure according to the laws that punish incitement And sectarian fueling.

Noting that the employees covered by this decision can resort to the concerned authorities if they believe the mistake and the decision-making committee can clarify the security information relating to each of them.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob

Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs