FM receives the British ambassador to Baghdad in the occasion of ending his tuner.

5th November, 2017 9:32 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received the British ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Frank Baker in the occasion of ending his tuner, during the meeting they discussed the bilateral relations, especially politics, economic and commercial and the regional issues of mutual concern.

His Excellency stressed on the special interest that Iraq attaches to strengthening cooperation with Britain and the valuing its role in supporting Iraq, whether military, humanitarian or political, pointing out that today the international support has been able to triumph over terrorism by its armed forces and unite its political forces. , Which indicates the sacrifices and the bravery of this Iraqi people.


The Minister pointed out that Iraq is a fertile investment environment for the existence of resources of multiple resources, and the existence of the need to invest in infrastructure, because it was greatly disrupted by wars, noting: Iraq now crossed from the brink of challenge to the bank of victory.


From his side,  Mr. Frank Baker said: Iraq is better now than the previous result of the role played by the people and the government, and I am confident that the Iraqi people will continue in this prosperity, noting: It was a source of pride and pleasure to contribute in presenting assistance to Iraq.