FM and his Qatari counterpart hold a press conference in Al-Doha.

8th November, 2017 1:16 PM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari and his Qatari counterpart sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman held a press conference, on the sidelines of his official letter to Al-Doha as a response for an official invitation to him.

His Excellency said at the conference: "We emphasize the establishment of relations and participation in creating a positive atmosphere among all the countries of the region, especially Qatar. We have dealt with the Arab League together and cooperated in everything that would strengthen relations between us and our brothers and brothers. "I hope that this step will be a qualitative turning point in the history of the Iraqi-Qatari relations, with all the positive repercussions of economic, political and security.


Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that Iraq has taken upon itself the responsibility of paying the direct field tax and the blood tax, but he does not forget to acknowledge all the brothers who stood by us politically, media and economically, even logistically. More effort, and our brothers and brothers must prove that they have not only stood with us on the security side, but will continue with us to rebuild the new Iraq.


He continued: Our position on what happened in the Kurdistan region is not an Arab position against the Kurds, Iraq is composed of a group of communities, one of which is the Kurdish society, a society with its history and struggle, and we stood together in the opposition, and continued, and now we cooperate together, It is not an Arab-Kurdish or Turkoman rivalry, but an exit from the legal side by a party in the Kurdistan region.


From his isde, the Foreign Minister of Qatar reiterated his country's continued support for Iraq in its fight against terrorism, stressing Qatar's commitment to play an active role in the reconstruction process and its adherence to the unity of Iraq, praising the role of the Iraqi government in preserving Iraq's unity and protecting it from disintegration. As this visit is a new breakthrough for the best Qatari-Iraqi relations.


"There is a decision taken since the past that the State of Qatar will open an embassy and appoint an ambassador, but some of the conditions we have experienced in the past stage have made it difficult for us," Sheikh Mohammed said.