Spokesperson: FM holds a press conference at the ministry's headquarter.

13th November, 2017 3:49 AM | Written by |

Foreign Ministry Spokespersons Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob held a press conference at the Ministry's headquarters on November 13, 2017, on the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Qatar and the efforts to grant access to visitors and other matters.

In a statement to reporters, Mahjoob said that during his visit to Qatar, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari led to that HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani to open an embassy of his country in Baghdad. Adding that the minister met  senior Qatari officials as well as delivering a  lecture at the Diplomatic Institute in the Qatari Foreign Ministry on the crisis in the region and how to overcome it.


Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob pointed out that Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that "Iraq stands at a distance from everyone, and is not the distance of neutrality, but the distance of brotherhood and communication with brothers to reduce the gaps between Arab countries and neighboring countries," adding that Iraq is effective in communicating with Arab brothers through his relationship With all the races, so he does not stand with one side against another, and does not support the siege of any Arab country, and if asked to play a role in resolving the crisis will be able to play this role ably.


On the occasion of the 40th visit, the Spokesman said that our consulates abroad in addition to 16 offices opened by the Ministry have completed their work and granted about 3 million entry visas to visitors from outside Iraq.


Regarding  the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the spokesman said, "The work performed by foreign consulates in Erbil, is a service work for all Iraqis and not political activity, so there is no direction from the federal government at the moment to close these consulates."


On the other hand, he said that the minister is personally following the issue  of stop granting entry visas to the Iraqis through the political companies and has contacted the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri to solve the problem, stressing on that the travel of Iraqis to Egypt is still valid for those with single entry visas, Corporate tourism is not a political decision, and we expect the problem to be resolved soon.