Iraq ambassador to Turkey meets member of Turkish parliament

15th November, 2017 4:39 AM | Written by |



The ambassador of the republic of Iraq Mr. Hisham Al-Alawai met a member of the Turkish parliament represents the national movement party at the Turkish parliament headquarter.

His Excellency presented a briefed review for the PM Haider AL-Abbadi's visit to Turkey and the Iraqi government's stance over the referendum conducted by the Iraqi region of Kurdistan as well as the federal government procedures to impose law authority in Kirkuk and the contested areas and bring stability to these areas.

Mr. Hisham AL-Alawi called for a senior parliamentary delegation visit to Iraq and takes advantage of the positive environments that accompanied the PM visit to Turkey in order to consolidate the bilateral relations and discuss the ways of applying a better vision to achieve a better future for the region's states.

From his side, Mr. Akmal AL-Deen Ihsan Uglo welcomed the ambassador, confirms the importance of the Prime Minister Haider AL-Abbadi's visit to Turkey and cooperates to out the Iraqi government's vision to achieve better future for the area's people.