FM receives the head of Islamic cooperation organization office to Iraq

20th November, 2017 3:37 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received the head of Islamic cooperation organization office to Iraq Dr. Saleh Al-Shaeri, and they discussed the developments of political and security situation in Iraq and the great victories achieved against Da'esh terroristic gangs and the role of Islamic cooperation organization in supporting Iraq.

The minister said that the victory achieved by Iraq is for all nations of the world and especially the countries of the region because the terrorist challenge is not limited to Iraq, although the war was fought on Iraqi territories, calling on the organization to take practical steps to support Iraq in facing terroristic gangs.

HE added: "We count on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in this exceptional circumstance to do everything in its power." Iraq is a rising country because it has all the elements of advancement, but it is going through exceptional circumstances and those who stand by it will not forget.

From his side, Dr. Saleh Al-Shaeri expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the government, and the victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces.

He said that the organization will hold a reconciliation meeting in Baghdad next month within the framework of supporting the security and stability of Iraq.