MOFA Spokesperson's Remarks on the

23rd November, 2017 3:49 AM | Written by |

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the media to investigate the accuracy and credibility and avoid the promotion of rumors and abuse for defamation motives, in particular the news that was circulated in the case of the ambassadors transferring, which took place in accordance with the law, which states that the work of the ambassador in the mission is for five years followed by two years in the center, Annually and for each ambassador who has completed his legal term outside or inside Iraq.


We also warn of transferring and promoting abusive statements made by one of the deputies, which bear direct accusations and without evidence to other officials in the ministry.


The ministry confirms that it will resort to the court of publishing and other competent courts, and that it will not hesitate in the prosecution, regardless of the issuance of these accusations from a media or parliamentary figure did not take into account the credibility and dragged into a media war against the ministry from suspicious bodies have been affected by raising the voice of Iraq in forums And taking its natural size and active role.


At the same time, the Ministry commends the high responsibility of most national and international media, which refuse to be dragged behind these lies and not re-published for violating professional principles and accuracy.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob

Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs