FM meets Romanian Education minister in Bucharest

26th November, 2017 1:14 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met Romanian education minister Mr. . Levio Pope in Bucharest and they discussed the bilateral relations between both countries, and means to strengthening them to serve the interests of both friendly people.

"Iraq has faced a world war that is not a conventional one that did not start, and may not end there. it made great sacrifices in its war against terrorism, which targeted the whole world and did not distinguish between a continent or a city," the minister said. The unity of its sons in facing  danger that targeted them all, and the support of friendly countries to his side.


HE added that there is nothing to prevent terrorists who have joined the ranks of the terrorist gangs and came from more than 124 countries to carry out terrorist operations and threaten the countries that came from them. He pointed out that gangs advocated adopting a thought based on recruiting children, spreading the culture of killing and destruction; The peoples of the world must cooperate to counter this terrorist ideology and prevent its spread through the adoption of educational and educational curricula that promote peace, development and security.


Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that the countries that end the separation of the war need great efforts for reconstruction; which requires the continuation of international support for Iraq after it ended the presence of terrorist advocates on its territory.


He expressed his thanks for the care of the Iraqi community in Bucharest, calling for accelerating the opening of the Iraqi school in Romania, increasing the number of Iraqi students in Romanian universities, signing memorandums of understanding in the education sector between the two countries and providing scholarships.


At the end of the visit, he called on the Romanian Minister of Education to visit Baghdad in the framework of opening new horizons for cooperation between Iraq and Romania.


From his side, Mr. Levio Pope praised the Iraqi people for their great victories in fighting terrorism, stressing on his country's support for Iraq in various fields and the aspiration to strengthen joint cooperation in the field of education, education and signing memorandums of understanding between the two countries.


He added: We seek to exchange experiences and provide scholarships and increase the number of Iraqi students in Romanian universities, especially in the field of medicine, engineering and science and work to twin Iraqi universities with their Romanian counterparts, expressing his country's readiness to support the vocational education sector, technical and electronic education system in Iraq.