FM meets the Romanian minister of business and trade.

27th November, 2017 12:32 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met the Romanian minister of business and Trade Mr. Ilan Laufer, to discuss providing the investing environment between both countries in different  fields including power, agriculture and trade, etc.

"We are keen to continue and growing of economic relations with Romania and Iraq today has become a good investment environment," HE said, calling for Romanian companies to play a larger role, work and investment in Iraq and signing memorandums of understanding in support of trade exchange and participation of Romanian companies in the implementation of projects.


He added that the volume of trade exchange is 131 million dollars and we hope to raise it to a larger size. He stressed on that the joint Iraqi-Romanian committee should resume its meetings in the framework of starting practical steps to activate bilateral relations in various fields.


From his side, the Romanian Minister of Business and Trade expressed his country's readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas in Iraq and its desire to sign memorandums of understanding to enhance cooperation between the two sides, stressing the importance of cooperation between the ministries of Romanian energy and Iraqi oil.


Mr. Ilan Laufer said that his country looks forward to raising the volume of trade exchange with Iraq to 200 million dollars by the end of this year, pointing out that the Iraqi-Romanian relations are historically close relations based on the common interest between the two countries.