Iraqi ambassador to Stockholm meets the general commander of Swedish military forces.

28th November, 2017 4:12 AM | Written by |

Iraqi ambassador to Stockholm Mr. Bakir Fatah Hussein met the general commander of Swedish military forces Mr. Michael Biden at the Swedish Leadership headquarter.

The Ambassador reviewed the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in all their forms and formations in the war against Da'esh terroristic  gangs, stressing on the keenness of the Iraqi government on the territorial integrity of Iraq and its complete rejection of the referendum held by the Kurdistan region of Iraq and abide by the Constitution to address the crisis.


Mr. Hussein pointed to the challenges facing the Iraqi government in the next phase of reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed by gangs, calling for terrorism and the return of services to the liberated areas.


From his side, Michael Biden praised the bilateral relations between the two countries and Sweden's keenness to help Iraq in the reconstruction and reconstruction of the liberated areas and its war on terrorism by visiting the number of military advisers to 70 advisers, stressing near his visit to Iraq in the next two weeks.