FM participates in the Rome med forum "Rome- med 2017"

1st December, 2017 7:35 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari participates in Rome med dialogue forum "Rome- Med 2017" Sponsored by Italian institute of international political studies ISPI in Rome.

HE delivers a speech called the international community to support the reconstruction of Iraq after the end of the fighting against Da'esh terroristic gangs, adding that the destruction in the Iraqi cities requires a campaign of reconstruction and building with the support of the international community. ", We call on the international community to stand by and support it and support the economic process. "


He added: Iraq calls on the international community to play a positive role in easing tension in the region, as Da'esh terroristic gangs like any threat that invests areas of tension; so we do not need to open any problem in the Middle East, especially in the Iraqi neighborhood.


"We want all countries to enter Iraq through investment, reconstruction. They can benefit from investments in the Iraqi market and accelerate the reconstruction of Iraq because the economy is directly linked to the issue of improving security," Dr. Al-Jaafari said.