Foreign minister meets his Saudi counterpart in Rome.

2nd December, 2017 1:14 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met his Saudi counterpart Mr. Adel Al- Jubeir on the sidelines of meetings of med dialogue forum "Rome – med 2017" in Rome.

during the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Al-Riyadh, and means to strengthening them, to achieve the interests of the two brotherly peoples, and  the need to exchange visits between the two countries' officials and the importance of concerted efforts to ease tension and crises facing the region.


Dr. Al-Jaafari said that Iraq has achieved great victories against Da'esh terroristic gangs and is now looking forward to the brotherly and friendly countries to contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities. He called for working among the countries of the region to find solutions that will resolve the crises in the region and bring peace and security and Cooperation.


From his side, Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir said that his country is serious about contributing to the reconstruction of Iraqi cities and increase the volume of investment. It also seeks to open two consulates in Najaf and Basra. He pointed out that the Embassy of the Kingdom in Baghdad was facilitated to grant visas to Iraqis wishing to perform Hajj And facilitate procedures in the framework of enhancing cooperation between the two countries.