Foreign minister meets foreign minister of Vatican.

2nd December, 2017 10:27 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met Mr. Paul Richard Gallagher, the foreign minister of Vatican, on the sidelines of his visit to Italy.

Both sides discussed strengthening the bilateral relations and the security and political situations in Iraq and the great victories achieved by Iraqis in their war against Da'esh terroristic gangs, in addition to agreeing on forming mutual committee to close the people of two religions Islam and Christian to strengthening the global peace.


Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that Da'esh terrorist gangs committed the worst crimes against the Iraqi people, and that terrorism today targets everyone. It is an enemy of all humanity and does not distinguish between a continent, country, city, religion, sect or nationality. calling the foreign minister of Vatican To promote joint cooperation in various fields.


From his side, Paul Richard Gallagher stressed the Vatican's support to Iraq in its war against terrorism, stressing: The next phase will witness the visit of the Prime Minister of the Vatican to Baghdad and support cooperation and coordination between the two countries and to prepare for the visit of the Pope to Iraq.