FM: Iraq will witness a turn in the economical and investment side after defeating terrorism.

3rd December, 2017 1:41 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari made a press statements on the sidelines of the Mediterranean Dialogue Forum Rome-Med 2017 in Rome.


His Excellency said that participation in the forum comes within the framework of mobilizing the international community to stand by Iraq in the process of reconstruction and construction, as we wait for the world to provide financial support because Iraq has fought the hardest and worst war accompanied by sabotage and destruction in all cities and provinces, To help us, as happened in the first and second world wars, and after the end of the war, all the countries of the world stood for the reconstruction of these countries.


He added: The world must stand by us, especially as we have given the richest and hardest thing in the equation of confrontation, which is Iraqi blood and what we have asked them to send their children to fight instead of our children, adding: The material assistance is required, and this debt in all of them, and we have seen an excellent response in the past Of the time they gave money and material aid, but Iraq now needs more support because it bears responsibility for the reconstruction and construction of Iraqi cities destroyed by gangs, "Dahesh."


The minister warned that the phenomenon of the spread of the phenomenon spread on the surface, and spread in some cities and ended and left only a few sporadic cells, but inevitably will go to other countries have new shelters, stressing that the gangs is not an Iraqi origin or birth, but came from about 124 So the achievements of the Iraqi armed forces are not only for Iraq, but for all countries.


Dr. Al-Jaafari pointed out that Iraq will witness a turning point in the economic and investment after it ended the separation of military confrontation against the Marsh Arabs.


"We have been cooperating with Italy for a long time. The Italian companies have taken responsibility for maintaining the Mosul Dam. We are trying to expand the projects. We are opening up the fields for investment opportunities, reconstruction and construction," he said.