Interim Chargé d'affaires in Al-Manamma meets the under secretary of Bahraini foreign minister.

5th December, 2017 4:05 AM | Written by |

Interim Chargé d'affaires  in Al-Manamma the Counselor Khalil Abdulridha met the under secretary of the Bahraini foreign minister for cooperation council and regional affairs Waheed Mubarak Sayar, to discuss the bilateral relations between both countries.

The Counselor started the meeting about the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces on the terroristic gangs and the Iraqi government administration for the problem of KRG Referendum according to constitution, in addition to the Campaign Against Corruption.

Both sides discussed the preparation to the visit of HE the foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to Bahrain to participate in Al-Manamma dialogue conference/ Summit of regional security.