MOFA issues a statement on the occasion of declaring the Great Victory

14th December, 2017 9:26 AM | Written by |

On the occasion of announcing the day of victory, Iraq thanks the role of the International Alliance and brotherly, friendly and neighboring countries in particular, which had a heroic attitude in supporting the Iraqi armed forces of all kinds in its war on Da'esh terroristic gangs, which did not hesitate in providing air ,consulting, logistics and intelligence support, which contributed in achieving this historic victory.

 And appreciates the supportive attitude of the United Nations and the Security Council, in which, in partnership with the United States, Germany, Britain and the voting countries, they have adopted important international resolutions to combat terrorism to limit the movement of its fighters and restrict its sources of funding, oil trade and smuggled effects such as Security Council resolutions 2170, 2177 and 2199.


We are grateful to the bodies and organizations that have valued the high and disciplined performance of our armed forces in all their formations, which fought honorably and valorously, and their humanitarian support for the file of our displaced children as a result of these military operations. We do not forget the media performance and the professional coverage of most of the local, Arab and international media that joined our heroic forces at war fields.

We call on these countries to take their active role in contributing to the reconstruction of liberated areas.


 We have fought on behalf of the whole world and have not failed in our attitude with us and tomorrow Iraq is the holder of the first brigade in the fight against terrorism and the sacrifices of its honorable sons.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob

Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs