FM receive a copy of credentials of the new non-resident Norway ambassador to Baghdad

20th December, 2017 2:02 AM | Written by |

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari received a copy of credentials of the new non-resident Norway ambassador to Baghdad Mrs. Tona Elizabith Bakfold, as both sides discussed the bilateral relations between both countries to serve the interests of both friendly countries.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that Iraq has emerged victorious in the face of terrorism and will begin the stage of construction of the provinces destroyed by the Da'esh terrorist gangs, pointing out that Iraq got the membership of many international organizations, Norway was one of the countries that voted for it.

 He explained that we are in an exceptional situation and need the assistance of the countries of the world to achieve stability in Iraq to start the construction, especially as there are many opportunities for investment and the location of Norway to obtain investments, appreciating the positions of Norway in support of Iraq for its assistance and support in international forums.

The Foreign Minister expressed readiness of the Foreign Ministry to provide all facilities for the success of the mission of the Norwegian diplomatic mission in Baghdad, expressing the aspiration of the Iraqi government to improve bilateral relations and develop cooperation with Norway in all fields.


From his side, Mrs. Bakfold stressed that her country stands by Iraq in achieving stability and that the Norwegian parliament voted to grant Iraq 50 million dollars to help in the reconstruction process.


The Ambassador praised the Iraqi experience in achieving coexistence between nationalities, religions and ethnicities and that it is suitable to serve as an example for other countries as well as the efforts of the Iraqi government in combating corruption, pointing out that we have experts in various fields in the areas of demining and support for the displaced.