FM congratulates the ministry staff and Iraqi Christians on the New Year

23rd December, 2017 11:39 PM | Written by |

I extend my sincere congratulations to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the sons of our communities abroad and the Iraqi people of the Christian brothers on the occasion of the glorious birth of the profit of love and the New Year's Day, which coincides with the celebration of the festival. Honored to his home after the suffering of displacement and displacement because of the intimidation of intimidation.


I call upon the Almighty to facilitate the return of all people to their homes in the Iraq of diversity, coexistence and peace, whose people insisted on preserving the national bonds between their religious and sectarian components. I also wish the Iraqi people happiness in their new year and success in serving their country.




Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Ibrahim Al - Ashikir Al - Jaafari