Iraqi embassy to Manama celebrates the victory and the liberation of Iraqi territories

4th January, 2018 1:41 AM | Written by |



The embassy of the republic of Iraq to Manama celebrated the declaration of final victory and the liberation of the Iraqi territories from the terror dense and opened a congratulations record on this occasion.

The embassy received representatives of Bahraini foreign ministry and number of Bahraini politicians, diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Bahrain as well as Iraqi community.

The Iraqi charge d'affair Mr. Khalil Abdulridha Mhesin commended in his speech the great sacrifices given by security forces with all its apparatuses in order to achieve the great victory against the terrorist gangs of Daesh, appreciates the international coalition and the brotherly and friendly states stance for what they have given of air, intelligence and advisory support to the Iraqi armed troops as well as the united nations and the national security council stances in voting for important international resolutions to combat terror.