FM meets his Russian counterpart in Moscow.

27th February, 2018 1:16 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met with Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. The meeting reviewed the progress of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Moscow and ways to deepen cooperation in all fields.


Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed on that the Iraqi-Russian relations witnessed a remarkable development in the past period and achieved achievements at the level of the interests of the two countries, noting that the investment opportunities for Russian companies are wide and open to work in Iraq and we seek to increase the volume of cooperation in the field of gas and military equipment.


He pointed out that: Iraq is keen on continuing security coordination and information exchange; to limit the spread of terrorist cells, and expressed his thanks for the training of 90 diplomatic staff, and the exchange of diplomatic experience between the two countries.


He continued: Iraq is seeking to mobilize international support, and stand by friendly countries to his side in the reconstruction of infrastructure of Iraqi cities, stressing the need to hold the eighth session of the Iraqi-Russian High Joint Committee in Baghdad.


He called on Mr. Lavrov to visit Baghdad in the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between Baghdad and Moscow.


Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov said that holding meetings of the joint committee regularly attests to the interest of President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government in cooperation with Iraq in various fields, economic, defense force and military equipment, adding that we support the Iraqi government in its efforts to restore security and stability. To Iraq, we are very happy for the efforts of reconstruction, construction after the achievement of great victories against terrorism, stand by unity, the sovereignty of Iraq.


Mr. Lavrov pointed out that Russia participated actively and at a high level in the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq through the delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and major Russian companies, expressing his country's welcome to visit Iraqi delegations from various ministries because of their significant impact on Fatah New prospects for cooperation.


He called for continued security coordination, intelligence and information exchange to reduce the terrorist challenges, stressing that he will visit Iraq in the coming period after the agreement on the new headquarters of the Russian Embassy in Baghdad, and work on everything that serves the interest of both countries.


At the end of the meeting, His Excellency thanked his country for Iraq's participation with a high-level delegation in the Sochi meetings to discuss the situation in Syria.