Foreign Minister and Russian Deputy Prime Minister sign the minutes of the seventh meeting of the Iraqi-Russian Joint Commission

28th February, 2018 1:25 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafar and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Dimitri Rogozin signed the minutes of the seventh meeting of the Iraqi-Russian Joint Committee at the conclusion of the meetings held in Moscow.


Dr. Al- Jaafari and Mr. Rogozin made statements after the signing of the minutes. The minister stressed that the two sides discussed deepening the Iraqi-Russian relations in more strategic and vital files, economically, service, industry, trade and agriculture in order to exchange common interests. A qualitative turning point in improving Iraqi-Russian relations to the best of their ability.


He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the Russian side in managing the meeting of the Joint Committee. He added that the intention is to buy a defensive missile system. We are studying the problems and the difficulties surrounding them. We are working to overcome them and will enter the state for the purpose of taking the decision. And we will announce this in due course.


He pointed out that Iraq has the right to search for the best opportunities to strengthen its defensive position after he paid a high price in the fight against terrorism, and what has been exposed to his wealth, and his people from destruction.



Russian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Dmitri Rogozin said: "Today we are witnessing great progress in the work of the government committee. The prospects for new cooperation have been discussed and we are starting to invest in energy to ensure that the Iraqi people have revenues." The military successes of Iraq Need great economic success, as witnessed by Russian-Iraqi relations.


 He added: "We have formed a mechanism for direct cooperation between the Russian and Iraqi ministries in order to solve all issues quickly in the framework of this fruitful cooperation," adding that "we have now moved to develop areas of bilateral cooperation in the technical, space, economic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, .


Dr. Al-Jaafari headed the Iraqi delegation at the seventh meeting of the Iraqi-Russian Joint Commission, while the Russian side was headed by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Dmitry Rogozin in Moscow.


Both sides evaluated the program of development of trade and economic relations and affirmed their joint efforts to strengthen and deepen the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and the Iraqi-Russian Business Council in developing cooperation between the two countries. The two countries' work to develop constructive cooperation, including the exchange of business visits, participation in international exhibitions, specialized conferences, and other events taking place in Iraq and Russia, Business Information.


The two sides agreed to activate trade, economic and investment cooperation and cooperation in the areas of energy, industry, transport, agriculture and tourism, in addition to promoting scientific and academic exchange and establishing direct partnership relations between educational and scientific institutions in Russia and Iraq.


The Russian side expressed its readiness to develop and expand cooperation in the field of construction of electricity and infrastructure facilities in Iraq and its readiness to cooperate in the financial, banking and customs fields, cooperation in geological exploration, water resources, communications, information technology, information, reconstruction, housing and municipalities; construction of roads, bridges, water and sewage; Reconstruction of liberated areas and cooperation in education.


In the area of ​​health, the two parties agreed to continue constructive cooperation in the framework of multilateral forms, including the World Health Organization, to expedite the completion of the draft memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Health and its Russian counterpart, and cooperation in medical education, Iraqi medical institutions in Russia.


In the field of cultural cooperation, the two sides agreed to implement the decisions of the cultural agreement between Iraq and Russia, and to make efforts to protect the cultural property and to combat the theft and smuggling of cultural property.


The Russian side expressed interest in developing cooperation in the field of civil aviation and in the construction, processing and processing of naval vessels and equipment for civilian use.


Both sides agreed to hold the eighth session of the Joint Committee meeting in Baghdad in 2019, and will be agreed on the date of the meeting, and its agenda through diplomatic channels.