Foreign Minister visits the Grand Mosque of Moscow and meets the head of the religious administration of the Muslims of Russia

2nd March, 2018 4:31 AM | Written by |

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari visited the Moscow Grand Mosque and met with the head of the religious administration of the Muslims of Russia, Mufti Sheikh Rawi Ayin Al-Din. The two sides stressed on that the clerics should take their role in bringing together the peoples and spreading the culture of dialogue, cooperation and tolerance.


Dr. Al-Jaafari said in a press statement at the end of his visit: "The Iraqi government is honest, and is committed to the sovereignty of Iraq, and we do not deal with the issue of sovereignty, noting that the presence of US military bases under the sovereignty of the country, when we asked for assistance addressed in 2014 in the Security Council that This assistance does not turn into building rules, but rather helps in a way that preserves Iraq's sovereignty and independence and does not remain permanently.



He stressed on that "the sovereignty of Iraq is a red line that can't be overcome, and can't be compromised, and this is the case of the State of Iraq, which is greater than any Iraqi government," adding that the visit to Moscow aimed at deepening the relations between Iraq and Russia, and exit the best results reflected on The two countries and research in various files of a political, economic, security, social and cultural.


He continued: There is still trading within the Iraqi government on the purchase of defensive weapons from Russia until the appropriate decision, but we avoid the problems, and obstacles to us and the Russian party, including a refusal to buy aircraft from Russia.


And about the closure of airports in Kurdistan Al-Jaafari explained : Iraq does not close an airport, but there is a paradox and a legal violation, when the airport administrations are committed to the laws of Iraq can't find from Iraq only tolerance, respect and appreciation.


In response to an Iraqi mediation to bring Iran closer to the US, al-Jaafari said: "If two parties collide, and Iraq finds itself able to help, it will spare no effort and will never be late.