Charge D'affaires to Yerevan participates in a festival to support Mosul University

6th March, 2018 4:39 AM | Written by |



The charge D'affaiers to Yerevan Dr. Allia Mahmoud Salman participated in Yerevan university festival to help reviving the central library of Mosul University after being destroyed and burned by the terrorist gangs of Daesh.

Ms. Salman presented a speech in which she commended the university's efforts to support reviving the central library of Mosul University, pointed out that such initiatives will enhance relations between Iraq and Armenia.

Dr. Aram Simonian the president of Yerevan University said that the ancient library of Mosul university have been supplying humanity with sciences and knowledge along the history, this modest initiative has come to revive the library of Mosul university and takes back its role again.

During the festival, the Charge D'affaires received the dedicated books from Yerevan University to the library of Mosul University.