Iraqi ambassador to Vienna presents his credentials to the director General of IAEA

8th March, 2018 3:48 AM | Written by |


Ambasador Jaber Habeeb Jaber presented his credentials to Mr. Yukiya Amano the director General of the International Atomic energy agency as his capacity as the permanent representative of the republic of Iraq to the Agency at the international center of Vienna.

Mr. Amano welcomed the new nominated representative by Iraq to the International Atomic Energy Agency, describing the relation with Iraq as "Very good relations" and the cooperation between both parts became fruitful due to the Iraqi active policy with the international agency to get rid of the nuclear system's remnants.

From his side, the Ambassador reaffirmed the Iraqi government keenness to support the international agency and enhance chances of common cooperation with the national authorities to take advantage to employ Atomic for peaceful purposes and to support non-proliferation in what serves and enhance peace and international security.