Iraqi Ambassador to India Receives Secretary General of Iraq-India Council of Economic Cooperation

1st March, 2016 6:59 AM | Written by Admin User |

Iraqi Ambassador to India, Fakhri Hassan Al Issa, received Secretary General of the Iraqi-Indian Council of Economic Cooperation, Pripran Sing Haer, at the Embassy in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The two sides stressed during the meeting the importance of developing economic relations between the two countries.

The Ambassador stressed the need to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries, indicating that economy is the backbone of building a strong country and the need to create a business integration twinning Indian and Iraqi companies.

For his part, the Secretary General asserted on the possibility of the return of Indian companies and resume their work in Iraq to finish their commitment in economy field.


The Ambassador promised to approach the competent authorities on the Indian companies' resuming their work in Iraq.