Foreign Minister Meets Secretary for Relations with States of the Holy See

7th March, 2016 3:40 PM | Written by Admin User |


On the side-line of the International Coalition meetings that is held in Rome, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met on 1 February 2016 the Secretary for Relations with States of the Holy See Mr Paul Richard Gallagher.

During the meeting, they reviewed the bilateral relations and consolidating them, in addition to, discussing the regional and international issues of mutual interest.

"Religions are all linked to God. Peace is the foundation of all religions, and the joint base among religions," the minister said, referring:" the rampant terrorism is alien to the values of religion and human nature."

"War on terrorism is a war of all religions, since; each and every religion is being under terrorism threat. Our duty is to secure the lives of people, and spread peace and security. In Iraq, Christians are an essential component and are living consistently with other Iraqi components and are assigned to various state institutions," his Excellency pointed out.

"Terrorism is trying to spread through regions, to propagate destruction. It does not distinguish between Muslims, Jewish, Christians, Yazidis, and Mandaeans. Iraqi components are coexisting with each other, and they are living together across the country. Da'esh tried to disperse them; it bombed Mosques, temples and Churches," Dr Al-Jaafrai warned, referring that all Iraqis today are standing united against terrorism.    

His Excellency indicated that the terrorist gangs of Da'esh have come from more than 100 states, which means that Iraq is defending itself, and fighting on behalf of the whole world. "We are today taking the lead of defending the dignity of Iraq, the region and the whole world," the minister emphasised.

"We addressed a message to the world, in which, we emphasised that Iraq does not need any foreign military troops. We simply want the world's moral, service and humanitarian support to protect human dignity, as well as, air cover and further support in the international forums," the minister added.   

His Excellency commended the supportive stances of the Holy See, expressing his hopes to have rapprochement between the Vatican and the religious authorities in Iraq, and the possibility to hold a meeting in the holy city of Najaf. The minister called upon the Vatican to encourage Iraqi Christians to stay in Iraq. Dr Al-Jaafari also extended an invitation to his counterpart to visit Iraq.

While, the Secretary for Relations with States asserted convergence of views between Iraq and the Holy See, and his country's positions in support of Iraq to maintain its unity and achieve security and peace all over Iraq. Mr Gallagher called on the international community to solve the crises, dissipate the tension and improve relations among states, commending embracing Iraqi Christians, despite, the sufferings that they are being exposed to. "We look forward to the day when Iraq regains its security and stability; when all Iraqi Christians return to their homes," Mr Paul Gallagher indicated.