Foreign Minister Meets his Italian Counterpart

7th March, 2016 3:42 PM | Written by Admin User |

 On the side line of the International Coalition Meetings, held in Rome, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met his Italian counterpart Mr Paolo Gentiloni.
 During the meeting, the bilateral relations and means to promote them in the interest of the two friendly people were discussed.

"The Iraq-Italy relations have witnessed no crises, a thing that makes them tough. Iraq, today, is facing terrorism represented by the terrorist gangs of Da'esh, whose members have come from more than 100 states and have committed the most heinous crimes in which even childhood is being targeted. The Iraqi armed forces are achieving great triumphs and due to the Iraqi strikes; Da'esh has retreated," the minister said.
 His Excellency commended the Italian stances in support of Iraq, saying:" Iraq is in need for Italy's support via training, equipping the Iraqi police forces, looking forward for the Italian role in providing the actual support to Iraq, concerning the reconstruction of the liberated areas that were desecrated by Da'esh."

 Dr Al-Jaafari called upon the Italian side to hold the fourth joint committee meeting in Baghdad to further the political rapprochement. "The position against terrorism is a strategic pillar in the international relations. We have witnessed the supportive stances of Italy with Iraq," H. E. Al-Jaafari emphasised. The Minister invited the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit Baghdad.

 While, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs asserted the depth of relations between Rome and Baghdad, and asserted Italy's commitment to assist Iraq, saying:" We have a long-standing commitment with Iraq, because we believe that relation with Iraq is essential."  
 Mr Gentiloni pointed out that Italy has several prominent issues, the first of which is countering Da'esh, indicating:' Italy is the sixth partner of Iraq globally, and it is ranked first on the European level."