Foreign Minister Meets Danish Counterpart

7th March, 2016 3:46 PM | Written by Admin User |

 On the sideline of the meetings of International Coalition Against Da'esh that is held in Rome, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met his Danish counterpart Mr Kristian Jensen.

 During the meeting, they reviewed the bilateral relations and means to promote them in the interest of the two friendly countries.

 The minister said:" Iraq is in the first line of the war against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh. We must address the post-liberation phase, which is as important as eradicating Da'esh, since Da'esh is sabotaging cities in which they were defeated. Thus, those cities must be reconstructed to assist in the repatriation of the immigrants and the displaced families.  

 "We must work on eradicating Da'esh whether in Iraq and Syria, because Da'esh is spreading across the world," his Excellency added, referring to one of the crimes committed by Da'esh is the displacement phenomenon.

 Dr Al-Jaafari commended the supportive stances of Denmark in embracing Iraqis, indicating:" this is a humanitarian stance that shall be recorded". The minister indicated that Iraq is a fertile ground for investment and is looking forward for the contribution of the Danish companies, which can strengthen relations between the two countries.

 While, the Danish foreign minister asserted that Denmark is standing by Iraq and is looking forward to assist Iraq in the police sector. Mr Jensen expressed his countries' desire to train and rehabilitate the Iraqi police forces, noting that the Danish companies are very interested to invest in Iraq.