Iraqi Charge d'affaires in Abu Dhabi Meets Chairwoman of UAE Federal Council

7th March, 2016 5:44 PM | Written by Admin User |

Interim Iraqi Charge d'affaires in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Alya Mahmoud, met Chairwoman of UAE National Federal Council, Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, in the Council HQ.

The two sides discussed, during the meeting, mechanism to strengthen cooperation between the Iraqi and UAE parliaments in addition to emphasizing the importance of developing coordination between the two sides to serve the common interests.

The Iraqi charge d'affaires reviewed the victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces, popular mobilization, peshmirga, and tribes against the terrorist gangs of Daesh and re-controlling the areas that were under the control of those criminal gangs.

She praised the historic step taken by the UAE over the appointment of Dr. Al Qubaisi as Chairwoman of the Federal Council; the first woman to hold such a position.

For her part, Al Qubaisi stressed the country's support for the government and people of Iraq in their war against terrorism led by Daesh gangs, asserting that these terrorist gangs became transcontinental terrorism.

Dr. Al Qubaisi added that Iraq is an integral part of the Arab entity and it represents the heart of the Arab world, adding that the Arab community cannot rise without the return of Iraq to its former position.