Iraqi Permanent Representative in Geneva Meets Head of Human Rights Council

7th March, 2016 5:45 PM | Written by Admin User |

Iraqi Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Muayad Salih, met Head of the Human Rights Council, Mr. Choi Kyung lim, at the Council's HQ in Geneva.

The Iraqi Permanent Representative stressed the Iraqi government's keenness to exert its utmost efforts to fully protect the Iraqi human rights, pointing out that Iraq has fulfilled its obligations on human rights in accordance with the working mechanisms of international human rights conventions.

He asserted the need to show a clear position by the Human Rights Council to condemn the terrorist crimes carried out by the terrorist gangs of Daesh targeting all segments of the Iraqi society.

For his part, Head of the Human Rights Council praised the Iraqi government's efforts to implement international commitments on human rights, stressing his readiness to support Iraq in the field of human rights.