Statement of MOFA Spokesperson about Paris Bombing

10th March, 2016 5:30 AM | Written by Admin User |

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its strong condemnation and denunciation for the terrorist and criminal operations that targeted the French capital, Paris, the ministry also assures Iraq's solidarity with the people and the friendly government of France and its commitment to stand up by France in combating terrorism and resolutely eradicating it. 

 This heinous act reflects a growing complacency represented by these criminal terrorist gangs, as the areas under Da'esh's control, especially in Iraq and Syria, have been transformed into terrorist lairs for murdering and intimidation of all countries of the world and their safe peoples.

 While, we pay our profound tribute and condolences for the victims' families, the French people and their government; we reiterate our call on the international community to have further use of force against these gangs, hence, eradicating them and dry up their sources of financial, media and military support.