Iraq's Ambassador in Belgrade Receives Syrian Charge d'affaires

14th March, 2016 4:26 AM | Written by |

Iraq's Ambassador to Serbia, Dr. Hassan Qassim Askar, received Syrian Charge d'affaires in Serbia, Mazin Mohammed Ali Obaid, at the Iraqi Embassy in Belgrade.

The two sides discussed a number of current topics in international and regional arena and developments of the war against the terrorist Daesh gangs.

The Iraqi Ambassador reviewed the victories achieved by the Iraqi security forces, popular mobilization, peshmirga, and tribes against the terrorist gangs of Daesh and the liberation of the areas under their control.

Ambassador Askar stressed Iraq's commitment to its position towards the Syrian crisis, which calls for dialogue and the peaceful solution and to emphasize the sovereignty and integrity and the unity of Syrian territories.

For his part, the Syrian Charge d'affaires thanked the Iraqi government for its support for the sovereignty and unity of the Syrian territories.