Iraq's Ambassador in Sofia Meets Bulgarian Energy Minister

29th June, 2015 2:46 PM | Written by Admin User |

Iraq's Ambassador to Bulgaria, Dr. Qahtan Taha Khalaf, met on June 22, 2015 the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, Ms. Temenuzhka Petkova, at the Energy Ministry HQ.

The two sides discussed means for bilateral relations and upgrading them to the best levels.

Ambassador Khalaf reviewed the enormous reserves of the Iraqi oil and gas, referring to the possibility of developing a gas network between the two countries through connecting it with the gas pipelines going through the Turkish territories then to Europe through Bulgaria, stressing that such a strategic plan could elevate the two countries' economy.

For her part, the Bulgarian Minister expressed the EU's readiness to diverse the sources of energy, referring that their eyes are now on to the Iraqi areas rich with oil and gas and that there is no doubt about Iraq's ability to meet a great part of the EU need for energy, stressing her country's support for the Iraqi government in its war against terrorism.