Curriculum Vitae


Social Status

Married with three children

Place and date of birth

Karbala- Iraq 24/12/1951


  1. B.A. in (Science of Arabic Language and Literature), with the degree (Very Good), from
    the College of Arts/ Baghdad University 1974.
  2. Obtained Honorary PhD in (Media), from Al-Hurra University in Netherlands 2007.
  3. Obtained Honorary PhD from the International University for Peace in Switzerland, For
    his contributions to the dissemination of the principles of peace and a culture of coexistence
  4. Obtained Honorary PhD from Pope Boniface VIII’s Academy, for his contributions to
    promoting the values of tolerance and dialogue, adopted by the Academy in 2015.


  1. Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Denmark.
  2. Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Cairo and Permanent Representative to the League
    of Arab States, from 18/12/2016.
  3. Head of the Arab Department in the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs from November 2015 to
    December 2016.
  4. Extraordinary Ambassador and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Vatican from July
    2010 until October 2015.
  5. Nominated Ambassador by the Iraqi Council of Ministers (2008).
  6. Won the confidence of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the ratification of
    the Presidency of the Republic on his post in September (2009).
  7. Served as the head of the (Iraqi Media Network) since (November 2004) until (May 2008).
  8. Served as Deputy Director General of the Public Relations at the Governing Council, then
    member of the Supreme Council of Information, and then member of the Board of Governors of
    the Iraqi Broadcasting and Broadcasting Authority, from May 2004 until November 2004.
  9. Director General of al Salam Radio and Television Corporation, from (October 2003), until
    (May 2004).
  10. worked in the private commercial sector from (1989) until (2003).
  11. Appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, after military service in (1976) and was forced to
    resign in (1980), by pressure from the oppressive Saddam regime.

Membership in Unions

  • A member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate.
  • Member of the General Union of Arab Journalists.

Letters of Appreciation and Certificates

Received many Certificates, Plaques Award and creative appreciation for his contributions to
support and develop the media movement and enrich the democratic culture and support the efforts
of the national revival in building a democratic and pluralistic federal, as most important:

  1. Plaque Award of excellence in the field of Arab media (2006), handed by Dr. Amro Mousa –
    Secretary General of the League of Arab States.
  2. Plaque Award of the Cairo Arab Media Festival for the years 2005/2006/2007.
  3. Plaque Award of the Integrity Commission – Iraq in 2008.
  4. (74) a letter of thanks and appreciation by the presidencies and senior Iraqi officials, as well as
    religious authorities, organizations, and professional and popular unions for a positive role in
    supporting the process of security, reconstruction and reconciliation.
  5. Chosen by the Vatican (Karita Politika), as an advisory member representing the Arab world
    and the continent of Asia.


  1. Received the title “Ambassador of Peace” by the World Women’s Peace Organization in
    March (2012, in recognition of the efforts to promote the values of women’s rights and their
    political, social and cultural empowerment and respect for diversity between peoples and
  2. Received a full membership (Senator), of the International Parliament for Peace and Security
    in March (2011), in appreciation of contributions to the enrichment of international peace
  3. Received the title “Ambassador of Peace” by the World Peace Union in December 2010


Received several awards for an excellence in supporting the efforts of dialogue and peace
and communication between nations and religions and civilizations, most notably:

  • Award of the Grand Duke of the Arts and Culture Foundation, Italian city of Lebiestra, in
    August (2012).
  • Oluseyi Award from (ANPHESS) organization, for Italian culture, education and sport in
    January (2013)
  • Santa Caterina Award for Creativity from the International Catrina Society of Spina
    governorate, in March 2013.
  • Pope Boniface VIII International Prize, Ananey Province, July 2015.

Decorations and medals

  • Received the “Knight” Medal, first degree and high merit by His Holiness Pope Francis, in
    recognition of his outstanding diplomatic efforts in June (2013).
  • Received the Honorary and Silver Honorary Medal from His Royal Highness Prince Alessio,
    descendant of the throne of Constantinople to the Byzantine kings in June (2014), in
    recognition of contribution to enriching the movement of dialogue and world peace.
  • Received medals from the Pope (Pope Benedict XVI) and the Pope (Francis) at different
    periods throughout his diplomatic duties at the Holy See.


Excellent proficiency in Arabic and English

Research, studies and publications

  • Wrote and published hundreds of articles and research on political, social, economic and cultural
    issues in many Iraqi, Arab and international newspapers.
  • Gave dozens of cultural lectures in the apostolic and Italian universities and the Iraqi and
    Egyptian forumsand participated in dozens of Iraqi, Arab and international conferences and