Seventy-Second World Health Assembly Meetings held in Geneva

Iraq participated in the meetings of the seventy-second World Health Assembly held in Geneva from 20th– 28th May 2019, in a delegation headed by the Minister of Health, Dr. Alaa’ Alwan. Participation also included the meetings of the forty-fifth executive committee held from 29th– 30th May 2019. Technical issues discussed included subjects of two committees on substantive, financial and administrative matters.

The Iraqi delegation engaged actively during the meetings, particularly on the health situation in Palestine, the occupied Golan Heights, whereby a vote was cast on a draft resolution on the health rights of the Palestinians and against the Israeli measures that hinder the access to treatment and health supplies for Palestinians and the occupied Golan.

In addition, the Iraqi delegation also participated in side events, with H.E Dr Alwan as speaker and sponsor of a number of such events, one of them being on “comprehensive health coverage and patient safety and non-communicable diseases.”

H.E Dr Alwan also participated in the meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, which ensued in the success of Iraq in the membership of the Higher Committee of the Arab Council in medical specialties, as one of the three Ministers of Health in the Supreme Authority.

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