Visa for Iraqis

Instructions and requirements for obtaining an entry Visa to those whom originally Iraqis, US passport holders are required to obtain an entry permit to Iraq when they pass through the territory of the State of Transit, according to the following cases:

(Iraqis hold US passports)

– Submit the original passport and ensure its validity not less than (6) six months

 Two personal photos (2 with white background)

– Submit a copy of the Civil Status ID, Iraqi Nationality Certificate or Iraqi Passport

Fill in the application form accurately with your current address and phone number on the form.


Entry visa (free) is granted to those of Iraqi origin.

It is possible to submit the application by mail with sending postal envelope and be paid to return the passport after granting the entry visa.

Necessity of matching the name between the US passport and the Iraqi documents and providing a copy of the decision of the US court in case of changing the name.

In case of didn’t have any Iraqis ID, please, instruct one of your relatives to visit Directorate of Residence Affairs to review the application and obtain approval.

Any transaction received by the consulate that did not follow the above steps shall be returned to the sender.

The Consulate is not responsible for the loss of mail transactions.

All applicants for an entry visa to the Republic of Iraq must submit a Medical Certificate (must be legalized by the Iraqi Embassy or Consulate) to prove that they are Free of any and all contagious and communicable diseases.


Important Note: the application should be filled electronically hand written application will not be accepted, and pleases make a copy of the US passport.