Curriculum Vitae




Salwan Sinjaree


Born in 1975, Mosul, Iraq  

Diplomatic Degree: Minister Plenipotentiary

Qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy in Public Law, from Mosul University 2004

– Graduate of the 26th Batch of the Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad 2008

Scientific Experience:

A : Teaching Experience:

1 . The Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Mosul,    


2 .The Public International law, Faculty of Law, University of  

     Mosul, 2001-2002.

.3The Public International law, Faculty of Political Science,

     University of Mosul, 2001-2002.

.4 The Law of Labor, Faculty of Law, University of Mosul, 2002-


.5 The General International Law, Faculty of Law, University of


6. The Constitutional and International Law, and Human Rights,

     Faculty of Law and Politics, University of Duhok 2004-2008

7 . The Constitutional Law for the Postgraduate Studies “Master  


B : Supervising Scientific Theses:

1 . Supervised five Master’s degrees in the field of constitutional

      and international law, and Human rights.

2. Discussed Three Master Thesis in the field of constitutional law

     and public international law.

Administrative Positions:

1. Head of Law Department, Faculty of Law, Duhok University,


2. Member of the Editorial Board of “Duhok Scientific Journal”


3. Legal Advisor of “Matin” Magazine since 2004.

4 .Director of the International Treaties Department, Iraqi Ministry

    of Foreign Affairs 2008-2010

5. Diplomatic counselor , Iraq Permanent Representative to the

    United Nations. 2010-2015

6. Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the

    United Nations.

7. Assistant Head of the Legal Department, Ministry of Foreign

    Affairs of Iraq 2015-2016.

8. Assistant Head of America Department, Iraqi Ministry of Foreign

    Affairs, 2016-2017

9. Assistant Head of Human Rights Department, Iraqi Ministry of

     Foreign Affairs 2017-2018.

Professional and Social Activities:

1. Practicing Law, (Attorney), 1997-2002.

2. Various activities with the associations and Non-Governmental

     organizations focusing on Human Rights ( such as the Red

     Cross, Red Crescent, Iraqi Society for Human Rights, women  


3. Contributed to seminars and conferences related to the Human

     Rights and the International Law inside and outside Iraq.

4. Contributed to more than 200 activities in form of lectures,   

     seminars and workshops related to the civil society  


Courses and Participations:

1. Course on the Development of Federal Curriculum, the

    Confederation of Canadian Unions, Canada 2007.

2. Course on Developing Leadership in the field of university  

    administration, U.S Department of State, Washington 2007.

3. Several courses on Human Rights, women and children’s rights,

    elections, media and civil society freedom that were organized  

   by some local and foreign organizations and universities, 2004-2009

4. Diplomatic course in the International Humanitarian law at New York University in partnership with The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), 2013.

5. Training course on Qualifying Regional Trainers in Beirut, 2017.

6. Regional Course of Experts on International Humanitarian Law, Rabat, 2018.

Membership of Non-governmental Organizations:

Member of the Iraqi Bar Association since 1997

2. Member of the Iraqi Society for Human Rights since 1997.

3. Member of “Ein”, Iraqi Election Information Network.

4. Member of the Human Rights Trainers Network in Iraq.

5. Member of the Freedoms Alliance Network in Iraq.

Research and Studies:

1.” Monitoring the Constitutionality of Laws”, a graduate thesis presented to the Faculty of Law, University of Mosul 1997.

2. Human Rights, Security and International Peace 2000.

3. Human Rights as a Goal of the United Nations and its Relationship to the International Security 2001.

4. The International Human Rights Law and the International Humanitarian Law – A comparative study, 2002.

5. “The International Human Rights Law and States Constitutions”, a PhD thesis, 2004.

6. “Strike, as a Human Right”, a booklet published by of the University of Duhok 2006.

7. “The Concept of Federalism”, a booklet published in Arabic with the support of the United Nations.

8. “Legal Reading of Violence Phenomenon against Women in the Kurdistan Region”, a booklet published in Kurdish language with the support of the United Nations Women’s Center 2008

9. Curriculum of civic education for the Intermediate Schools in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Research Prepared for Publication:

A. “The Concept of Political Propaganda and the Legal Principles Govern it”.

B. The Accompaniment Characteristics of the Human Right to Privacy.

C. Human Rights to Demonstrate and the Legal Organization.

Published Books:

1- “Humanitarian Intervention in the International Public Law”, Qandil Publishing House, Amman, 2006.

2- “Human Rights under the United Nations, from Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility of Protection”, University Press House, Alexandria 2016.

3- “Implementation of International Conventions on Human Rights Nationally, Iraq as a Model” – Dar Al Halabi Publishing House, Beirut 2017.

The Major Certificates Obtained:

1- Certificate of Participation in the Forum of Federation, Canada, 2007.

2- Certificate of Participation in a course of the Developing Leadership presented by the U.S Department of State 2007.

3- Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Civil Society, Kurdistan Region Iraq 2008.

4- The Civic Award presented by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq as one of the most three active figures in the field of civil society in the region, 2008.

5- Certificate of Participation from “UNITAR” for in a training session at UN Headquarters in New York in October 2010.