Dr. Ibrahim al-JaafariIraqi Foreign Ministry 2014Hoshyar Zebari Foreign Minister 2003 to 2014Naji SabriForeign Minister from 2001 to 2003Mohammed Saeed AL-SahafForeign Minister from 1992 to 2000Tariq Aziz Foreign Minister from 24/1/1983 to 22/3/1991Saadoun Hammadi Foreign Minister from 11/11/1974 to 24/1/1983Shathel taka Foreign Minister from24/6/1974 to 20/10/1974Murtadha Saeed Foreign Minister from 31/10/1971 to 23/6/1974Abdul Karim Sheikhli Foreign Minister from31/7/1968 to 29/9/1971Ismail Kher Allah Foreign Minister from 11/7/1967 to16/7/1968Nasir AL-Hani Foreign Minister from 18/7/1968 to 30/7/1968Adnan AL- Bachachi Foreign Minister from 18/4/1966 to 10/7/1967Abd AL-Rahman al-BazzazForeign Minister from 6/9/1965 to 9/8/1966Naji Talib Foreign Minister from 14/11/1964 to 6/9/1965Subhi Abdul Hamed Foreign Minister from 18/11/1963 to 14/11/1964Taleb Shibib Foreign Minister from 8/2/1963 to 17/11/1963Hashim Jwad Foreign Minister from 7/2/1959 to 7/2/1963 

Abdul Jabbar AL-Jumarad Foreign Minister originality from 14/7/1958 to 7/2/1959 

Burhan Alden AaianForeign Minister The first of 7/5/1955 to 20/6/1957 And the last of 16/12/1957 to 3/3/1958Abdullah Baker Foreign Minister from 17/9/1953 to 8/3/1954 

Shaker AL-Wadi Foreign Minister from 18/8/1949 to 4/11/1949 And the last of 15/7/1951 to 9/7/1952Muzahim AL- Bachachi Foreign Minister The first of 26/6/1948 to 6/10/1948 And the last 10/12/1949 5/2/1950Mohammed Fadhel AL Jamali Foreign Minister The first of 1/6/1946 to 27/1/1948 And the last 2/3/1958 to 19/5/1958Ali MumtazAL-Daftry Foreign Minister The first of 21/5/1946 to30/5/1946 And the last 20/6/1957 to 13/12/1957Hamdi AL- Bachachi Foreign Minister The first of 26/8/1945 to 22/2/1946 And the last 29/1/1948 to 27/3/1948Arshad AL- Omari Foreign Minister from 3/6/1944 to 25/8/1945Mahmud Subhi AL-Daftry Foreign Minister from 25/12/1943 to 3/6/1944Tahsin AL-Askri Foreign Minister from 27/9/1943 to 25/12/1943Nasra AL- Farisi Foreign Minister The first of 23/6/1943 to 27/9/1943 And the last 28/3/1948 to 26/6/1948Abdullah Hafudh Foreign Minister The first of 8/10/1942 to 23/6/1943 And the last 6/1/1949 to 17/3/1949Taha AL- Hashimi Foreign Minister from 1/2/1941 to 4/2/1941

Musa AL- Shabnder Foreign Minister The first of 29/1/1941 to 1/2/1941 And the last 3/9/1954 ot 7/5/1955

Ali Jawdat AL- Ayubi Foreign Minister The first of 25/4/1939 to 22/2/1940 And the last 20/6/1957 to 15/12/1957

Naji AL- Asil Foreign Minister from 29/10/1936 to 17/8/1937 The first of 25/4/1939 to 22/2/1940 And the last 20/6/1957 to 15/12/1957
Abdul Qader Rashed Foreign Minister from 3/11/1932 to 18/3/1933

Abdullah AL- Damalugi Foreign Minister The first of 18/10/1930 to 19/10/1931 And the last 9/2/1942 to 31/5/1942Nori AL- Saiid Foreign Minister The first of 23/3/1930 to 18/10/1930 And the last 5/2/1950 to 15/7/1950Naji AL- SwediForeign Minister The first of 18/11/1929 to 13/3/1930 And the last 15/1/1941 to 25/1/1941

Taufiq AL- Swedi Foreign Minister The first of 21/4/1929 to 23/3/ 1931 And the last 19/5/1958 to 14/7/1958

Jaffar AL- Askri Foreign Minister The first of 21/11/1926 to 18/1/1928 And the last 19/10/1931 to 3/10/1932

Abdul Mhsen AL- Sadoon Foreign Minister from 24/11/1924 to 26/6/1925Yasin AL- Hashimi Foreign Minister from 24/11/1924 to 26/6/1925