Martyr NameHis/ Her InformationOssama Idrees HameedJob Title: AccountantCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristSammah Ibrahim MohammedJob Title:Cited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristWaleed Adnan ShmranJob Title:Cited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristHadi Qassim KhalafJob Title:Cited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristSalah Mahdi SahibJob Title:Cited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristFatin Fouad HantushJob Title: ContractCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristAssad Abd HadiJob Title: ContractCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristMoataz Khalid MohammedJob Title: ContractCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristWissam Bani HassanJob Title: WagesCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristWissam Abdulamir MohammedJob Title: WagesCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristHussein Majid BaderJob Title: WagesCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristMohammed Mwafik KassimJob Title: SecurityCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristAhmed Ismail SalimJob Title: SecurityCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristArkan Abbas BersimJob Title: Services EmployeeCited in 5/2/2014Bombing TerroristKhudair Erhaima MahmmoudJob Title:Cited in 12/11/2013Assassination TerroristMazin Abdulwahab DhiabJob Title: PlenipotentiaryCited in 24/9/2011Assassination TerroristSadik Shakir JowaidJob Title: General DirectorCited in 22/4/2011Assassination TerroristAbduljabbar Abdullah MukhtadhJob Title:Cited in 26/1/2011Assassination TerroristJamal Sattar HusseinJob Title: ClerkCited in 26/1/2011Assassination TerroristSalih Ali AhmedJob Title:Cited in 19/9/2010Assassination TerroristNaif Malk Abd AliJob Title:Cited in 16/12/2009Bombing TerroristBassam Salih Abdulgani KubbaJob Title: Ambassador/ UndersecretaryCited in 19/8/2009Assassination TerroristHadi Abbiss JradJob Title: First SecretaryCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHamad Musharf SaylJob Title: First SecretaryCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHussein Abd BaqrJob Title: First SecretaryCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristWajihh Dhaker MohammedJob Title: First SecretaryCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAbdulmunem Hashim DaoudJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAbdulqader Hadhal AbdulqaderJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAbdulrahman Mohammed KareemJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAhmed Basil SabriJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAlaa Hussein JawadJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristJihan Noori IlyassJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristRuaa Raad MuhiJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristSaif Ghalib FadhilJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristSamah Abdulmahdi SabahJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristSirwan Hassan AliJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristShadha Haitham HusseinJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMuammar Abdullatif IzzatJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristWassan Waheed AbduwahidJob Title: AttachéCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMussaab Mohammed HusseinJob Title: DirectorCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristDhiaa Khalil IbrahimJob Title: Deputy DirectorCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristFaeeza Aftan JazzaaJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHassan Hashim AhmedJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHiba Hateef HusseinJob Title: Deputy ProgrammerCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristEnas Gazi ShakerJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHaiffa Kareem KhallafJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHassan Suhail SakhiJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristIbthal Jalil MouhammedJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMayada Mohammed AbduhassanJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristSaif Saad SbaihJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristUrjwan Tarik IsmaeelJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMayada Mohammed AbduhassanJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristZainab Abdulhadi AbbasJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristKaiss Abbas MohammedJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristGhazi Jihad RahmaJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHassan Khadhim TumaJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMajeed Abbiss ShhaibJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristJamal Abduqader ShinoJob Title: SecurityCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristJamil Hussein WaliJob Title: SecurityCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAli Jabber KhalifaJob Title: GuardCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristHazzar Youssef MussaJob Title: GuardCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAshwak Hussein LaftaJob Title: ContractCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAhmed Salih HassanJob Title: Agronomist/wagesCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristJony Yousef DenkhaJob Title: WagesCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristGhassan Ibrahim MohammedJob Title: Security/wagesCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMahmoud Rafaat MahmoudJob Title: SecurityCited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristMithak Jummaa RifaatJob Title:Cited in 19/8/2009Bombing TerroristAhmed Abdulah MukhtadhJob Title: ClerkCited in 5/4/2008Assassination TerroristWaleed Haitham IdreessJob Title: AttachéCited in 24/2/2008Assassination TerroristYassin Taha HusseinJob Title: ContractCited in 14/10/2007Assassination TerroristAbdulghani Ali HusseinJob Title:Cited in 2/8/2007Assassination TerroristHaydar Shalsh ShaderJob Title:Cited in 28/5/2007Assassination TerroristThamer Mohammed KhalafJob Title:Cited in 19/5/2007Bombing TerroristOmar Munir ShhabJob Title: Third SecretaryCited in 26/4/2007Assassination TerroristFalah Abdullah RidhaJob Title:Cited in 4/4/2007Assassination TerroristHaqi Ismaeel DabashJob Title: DriverCited in 21/1/2007Assassination TerroristAdnan Auda AlawiJob Title:Cited in 13/1/2007Assassination TerroristWathik Jabber KadhimJob Title: Deputy DirectorCited in 31/10/2006Assassination TerroristTaha Abbas HusseinJob Title:Cited in 2/9/2006Assassination TerroristAbdulhameed Flaih AkbayaJob Title:Cited in 8/8/2006Assassination TerroristFakhree Mohammed ShamkhyJob Title:Cited in 1/8/2006Assassination TerroristTariq Dwaig JassimJob Title:Cited in 13/7/2006Assassination TerroristDiwan Ktafa LozanJob Title:Cited in 12/6/2006Assassination TerroristSamir Abdulilah AbdulazizJob Title:Cited in 12/6/2006Assassination TerroristMohammed Ahmed NasirJob Title: GuardCited in 7/5/2006Bombing TerroristIbrahim Abdul Wahid AliJob Title: AttachéCited in 11/4/2006Bombing TerroristKamil Abdulsadda AliJob Title: AttachéCited in 31/1/2006Assassination TerroristAbbas Dhiab JassimJob Title: First SecretaryCited in 15/1/2006Assassination TerroristYahya Mohammed HassanJob Title:Cited in 9/7/2005Assassination TerroristAli Noor Al-Din MahmoudJob Title: CounselorCited in 25/5/2005Assassination TerroristJassim Mohammed GharbJob Title: DirectorCited in 14/5/2005Assassination TerroristAbdulrazak Ridha AliJob Title:Cited in 28/10/2004Assassination TerroristKadhim Kareem AbdulhusseinJob Title: DirectorCited in 21/6/2004Assassination TerroristShakir Mahmoud NajemJob Title: DriverCited in 20/6/2004Assassination TerroristHamid Alwaan AbdJob Title: Second SecretaryCited in 1/1/2004Assassination TerroristSbaih Bhnan YaqoobJob Title:Cited in 17/12/2003Assassination TerroristAbdulridha Hussein AliJob Title: ContractCited in 15/10/2003Assassination TerroristAkkila Ali Hussein Al-HashimiJob Title: Plenipotentiary Minister/ a Governing Council Member formerCited in 25/9/2003Assassination Terrorist