Iraqi Cultural Attaché in Moscow share Iraqi students the joy of graduation

In response to the invitation of the Moscow State University of Construction Engineering addressed to H.E. Haidar Mansour Hadi, the temporary Iraqi Cultural Attaché in the Russian Federation Dr. Basim Hassan visited the university and delivered a speech on behalf of the embassy of the Republic of Iraq to the Russian Federation in which he congratuled the graduating students this year, including Iraqi students. In his speech Dr. Basim Hassan said that the Iraqi embassy pays a great attention to all Iraqi students studying in Russia and keens to share their joy of graduation. He also said that the students are representing the Iraqi hope to build an advanced homeland through the use of their scientific potential in building Iraq, and that the embassy seeks to increase scientific cooperation between Iraq and Russia in the coming period. For their part, the Iraqi students thanked the Iraqi embassy and the Cultural Attaché in the Russian Federation for their efforts in facilitating all the necessary procedures that are needed by the students throughout the period of their study.

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