Virtual Meeting

On 11/25/2020, the permanent representative, Ambassador Burhan Namiq Al-Jaff, met via a virtual meeting the Group of Arab Ambassadors accredited to the Arab League office in Nairobi, by the invitation of the Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador Saleh Al-Harthy, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Nairobi, during the meeting a Ceremonial Farewell speech and a convey of appreciation was presented by them to his excellency, and to the Ambassador Abdel Moneim Mabrouk, the Arab League’s envoy in Nairobi, for the end of there duties in Kenya. as well as a Congratulations were extended to Ambassador Khaled Al-Harithi, the new accredited ambassador of the Arab League’s office in Nairobi.
For his part, Ambassador Burhan Al Jaf praised the initiative that the ambassadors set up by presenting farewell words and the symbolic gift that was presented to him.

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